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Under Construction Just some of the covers of Rahman songs that we’ve found. We have restricted ourselves to Soundcloud for the moment. To start with, here is Paradigm Shift’s popular cover of Roja Jaaneman/Kadhal Rojave Aishwarya’s cover of Tum ho Nelsonnium and PhulkaDots singing Nila Kaigirathu And Nelsonnium solo-ing with Jo Bhi Main AM Aravind‘s tribute to Rahman – Vellai Pookal Ashwini sings Kannalane and Thoda Thoda MaidenofRohan and her dad perform Dil Se Re Soundarya sings Munbe Va and Thoda Thoda Vinod whistling Ennavale Akila here combines Kalvare and Khili Re Pradyut on his harmonica – The Jeans theme and Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera Aishwarya’s cover of Vellai Pookal Aishwarya sings Shauk Hai


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