(For Valentine’s Day, a post by Deepi)

The whispers of love in the air carried in by the wind, wafting gently in through the open window. As the breeze playfully brushes against the chime hanging by the window, sounds of beautiful, tinkling music rips the silent air apart. The voice of a maiden humming a soulful tune (Latika’s Theme) speaks of a yearning—yearning for a long lost love perhaps. As her voice dies down, there is noise of soft footsteps approaching and then she speaks. She speaks of having lost herself. She struggles as she seeks the name of the thief who dared steal her heart (Kannalane). But even as she sways in distraction, the young thief finds that he is a victim himself. He too seems to have drowned as he attempted to retrieve his soul. (Yennai Kannavillayae)

Their paths cross and there is joy! They, like their counterparts of ages past, encircle tall trees and woo each other amidst nature’s beauty. (Aathangara Marame) Playful flirting gives way to more serious attachments. A love sheltered from prying eyes, she says he is a secret lover who fulfills her every small wish (Snehidhane). A brief separation—they sing in one voice, mirrored thoughts (Malargale). They unite once more in the scenic backdrop of snow capped mountains. The passionate bonfires become a metaphor for the passion they share (Pudhu Vellai Mazhai, Tu Bin Bataye). But calamity awaits these unwitting souls.

The vacuum persists; he cannot survive any longer (Raasathi).  What greater forces have snatched her away from him, he wonders. He longs to know of her well being, her surroundings, her smiles, her sorrows, and her anger. (Anbe Sugama, Kahin Toh)

Unrequited love –so beautiful is her face, so terrible are her actions. Her presence fills his breath, his mind. The window snaps shut and the breeze is ousted (Tum Ko).


One thought on “Despondency

  1. backgroundscore

    Lovely post. thouroughly enjoyed reading it. This is what they tried to do with Bombay Dreams – spinning a plausible narrative around popular Rahman’s songs but apparently failed.


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