(A short post with a nice playlist by Deepi. –Viju) 

A strong cup of filter coffee. Breathe in deeply, take a gentle sip, savour the flavour, attain nirvana.

A good song is like filter coffee. You dwell in the moment, enjoy the song and no matter how many times you listen to it, you only want more. That addictive bitterness, you keep going back to it. Such is the quality that no matter how much I try to convince myself that I am indeed tired of the taste, there’s a relapse and I immerse myself in that bitterness once more.

I abstain for a week or maybe two. Something feels different; you feel like you are missing an arm maybe. I resist but I keep thinking back to that beautiful few minutes I spend everyday, cradling that cup, more precious than ambrosia.

My craving grows as only one thought is passing through my mind. I can hear strains of notes in my ears and it sounds so wonderful. Then my resistance breaks. Why should I stop myself? The addiction takes me over again; the obsession begins. All is well with the world.

And that is how one falls in love with a song.


Nee Mazhai – Nee Yaaro (Aayitha Ezhutthu)

Thee Thee – Thiruda Thiruda

En Mel vizhundha – May Maadham

Salvador – Couples Retreat

Dil Gira Dafatan – Delhi 6

Pachai Nirame – Alaipayuthey

Do Nishaaniyaan – Jhootha Hi Sahi

Water – Between Heaven and Earth

Kuru Kuru – Couples Retreat

Poo Pookkum – Minsara Kanavu

Jiya Jale – Dil Se

Chotta Chotta – Taj Mahal

Tu Bin Bataaye – Rang De Basanti

Jason and cynthia Suite – Couples Retreat

Moongil Thottam – Kadal


3 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. Dilip

    Here is my list. I’m currently Obsessed with the following songs and cant seem to get enough of Rahmania!

    Kadhal Desam – Unnai Kanavillai.mp3
    Kadhal Desam – Kalluri Saalai.mp3
    Kadhal Desam – Oh Vennilia Iru.mp3
    Kadhal Desam – Thenralae Then.mp3
    Kadhalan – Kollaiyila Thennai.mp3
    May Madham – Minnalae.mp3
    May Madham – Maargazhi Poove.mp3
    May Madham – Yenmel Vizhunda.mp3
    Pudhiya Mugam – Kannuku Mai Azhagu – Female.mp3
    Pudhiya Mugam – Netru Illadha Maattram.mp3
    Pudhiya Mugam – Kannukku Mai Azhagu – Male.mp3
    Rhythm – Nathiyae Nathiyae.mp3
    Rhythm – Kala Kalavena.mp3
    Shan Jahan – Melliname Melliname
    Shahjahan – Minnalai Pidithu
    Thiruda Thiruda – Puththam Pudhu.mp3
    Uzhavan – Kaaththu Kaaththu
    Uzhavan – Pennalla Pennalla
    Uzhavan – Maari Mazhai Peiya
    Gentleman – En Veettu Thottaththil


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