Kadal <3

(A post by @enthahotness. I’ve always wanted @enthahotness to write a post about music, specially given that we share the same musical taste and she recommends a lot of good music. And here it is! –Viju)

About six months ago I promised Viju I would write for this blog but I could never decide what specific music I wanted to write about. That and I really don’t know any technicalities. I can’t read music or identify raagas or any of that. I can recognize a voice though and usually any song within the first couple of seconds. For me music is only about how it makes me feel and this album made me feel all kinds of things. Fun fact – up until about two days ago I was calling this album Kadhal. I had conveniently been ignoring the spelling. I figured if we were cool with Sapnay we shouldn’t have a problem with Kadhal/Kadal. That was until my friend said “No idiot, kadal like the sea” and I went “Ohhhhhh!” But you know what this album is all heart and if it were a person I would have proposed marriage to it about seven times so I’m going to keep calling it Kadhal.

Here’s how these seven songs made me feel. (Click on the individual song title to listen to it on YouTube)

ADIYE – the first time I heard this song it was on my phone. I was driving and even with the terrible audio quality and the engine running in the background I could tell I was listening to something special, mad lyrics and all –  aatu kutti? I went home and tripped on that song for days until finally the CD arrived in the mail and I could listen to it properly – in the car. I had just left work and reached the parking lot at CVS pharmacy and I remember sitting there wide eyed (asking to be mugged really) with the biggest grin on my face. WHAT A SONG. I played it for my coworker the other day and she went “Girrrrrrl this is my jam…. I knew we were kindred spirits. You got the blues on!” It didn’t matter that when the lyrics came on it was in a language she had never heard before. We continued jamming to it on the drive back to work.

CHITHIRAI NILA – What a dreamy dreamy song. Sung beautifully by Vijay Yesudas. Just when I’m settling into this song it becomes another song and then another. I cannot wait to see this one on screen.

NENJUKULLE – This one started it all. I heard it for the first time on the MTV Unplugged episode and loved it right away. Such a lovely melody full of heart and much like everyone else I was starved for a Rahman original and it came at the right time and made everything better. Out of all the tracks on the album this is the one I enjoy singing along to the most. Luckily no one has to hear me.

MAGUDI – I listened to it once and wasn’t really planning on listening to it again until the movie came out but then I heard it play in the car. If you’ve been ignoring Magudi try listening to it on a proper speaker or with some good headphones. I have been playing it nonstop on my way to work and back and it makes me feel like jumping up and down. Reminds me a bit of Fanaa from Yuva and Hum hain naye from Dil Chahta Hain. Same fun party vibe.

MOONGIL THOTTAM – It was a Friday morning when I first heard this song. I had just woken up and turned off my phone alarm when I noticed some twitter notifications. Everyone was talking about Kadal. The five remaining songs had just been released. I happened to click on this one first and instantly fell in love with the melody. I couldn’t decide if I liked Abhay or Harini’s portions more. I still haven’t decided. I listened to it a few more times but eventually I had to get out of bed and get ready for work. For whatever reason my contact lens was refusing to cooperate with me that day. I was already running late and I tried to remove the lens and put it back in but no luck. My eye started to water and I ended up having to take both lenses out and wash my face. Then I had the fun task of making it down the stairs without tripping. I decided I would just lay back on the couch and shut my eyes with this song on repeat. Twenty minutes later I was healed. True story. Now I don’t understand all of the lyrics to Moongil Thottam but there’s no confusion over the two lines that count the most and really that is enough. “Idhu podhum ennaku idhu podhumey. Verenna venum nee podhumey.” Sigh.

ELAY KEECHAN – What a fun song. What a catchy song. It reminds me of about five other Rahman songs but it doesn’t matter because it make me crazy happy. Plus how can you not love a song sung by Rahman? The part from about 4:06 – 4:28 makes me want to just get up and put tapaangu. I dare you to stay still while this part is playing. It can’t be done.

nee thidu thidukka – enna

suthivalaikka – naan

vela velakka –  thala

kiru kirukka

nee paatha nodiye – hey

pithu pidikka – en

thoothukudi ye

unna thooki ezhukka! thooki ezhukka!

ethana macham – hey

ethana latcham – atha

enni mudiche – naama

thookam tholachom

hey otha pidiya (Wikipedia?) nee

mutham kudutha – en

anna madiya – enna

vaari edutha vaari edutha

yemaa seela – namma

kadalamma allithara

aama seela – ava

alaiveesi sirikira

ANBIN VAASALE – If I had to pick my favourite song from the album it would be either Moongil Thottam or this one. Right from that first line “Nee illaiyel ….. naan enn seiven” Haricharan’s voice just blew me away. I can’t even describe it. Luckily we have Baradwaj Rangan. He says and i quote “The number, filled with thrilling choruses and tolling bells, feels like the musicalisation of a tsunami that struck with an Old Testament God’s fury and eventually ebbed away into calm little tide pools. If that church is still standing, it’s a miracle.” He is right. All I have to do is close my eyes and I’m back at St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral with my dad attending Sunday Mass and sulking mostly. Normally we’d go to the morning Mass but occasionally we’d be lazy or there was a cricket match on that started early so we’d go to the Sunday evening Mass in Tamizh. My favourite part was always the choir and of course the final blessing.

Will it matter if this movie turns out to be a disappointment? Yes. But will I forgive Mani Ratnam and forever be indebted to him for giving us A.R.Rahman? Yes.


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