Shades of Dark

(A post by Deepi)

It’s the intensity of the lines “saare riti riwaaz hatakaar, dekho apne ghar ke andar, shaayad kahin kisi kone mein, oongh(?) raha hai kaala bandar.” The answer that is said with conviction, forcing you to open your eyes to reality. That is what makes this song so endearing.

This is the sort of song that tells you a story and the story here is woven into the movie. (Interestingly, one other such song is Hawa Hawa from Rockstar. The picturisation and the lyrics are in step with the events that are about to unfold in the movie.) The concept of Kaala Bandar. Everyone’s got something to say about him. He prowls about at night, invisible and attacking the innocent folk. Some claim he’s a cyborg and a nuclear bomb was used to make him. Ridiculous, yes? So Karthik sings along explaining, who knows the kaala bandar might just be you. Look into that mirror there, you’ll see. You hide beneath all those layers but no one can cover up the black truth that resides deep down in your heart. So it is only appropriate to say “Paagal hain ya naadan hai hum sab.


Now that the truth has been exposed, the earlier statements on the monkey have been retracted. The song keeps picking up pace. There’s a statement, then a discussion and they reach the conclusion. He’s really like-able and the streets are safer because of him. He’s the reason they have electricity and the people are happy as long as the monkey doesn’t get to them. They refuse to face the truth, begging for the black monkey to stay on.



2 thoughts on “Shades of Dark

  1. Prasanna

    Really loved reading the post. One of the gr8 sound tracks and a good movie succumbed to bad screenplay.


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