Thoda Thoda… & A Cover

(A post and cover by @soyahere)



This is a song whose visuals I can imagine with my eyes closed. Many of ARR’s songs paint a mental picture when you listen to them. Another such song is Pudhu vellai mazhai in Roja.

The whistle sounds and the crickety noises…and the beautiful short flute piece take you into the song. The simple tum-tum-tum rhythm keeps it simple and adds to the mystery. I am now in a dense green forest.

Thoda thoda malarndhadhenna….” SPB’s voice floats up. And then I forget everything.

The flute grabs my attention again. I know two kids are playing and towards the end when the flute piece reaches a higher pitch, I feel what Arvind Samy must have felt while being tickled 😀 The swift and brilliant string pieces interspersed with the flute piece – hats off to ARR!

The song just flows like a mellifluous stream into the soul. And stays there. Flawless and soulful rendering by the two stalwarts of the playback singing profession – SPB and Chitra. I love SPB’s intonation when he sings “Pookkalil thenillai” (In the line “Kaadhalar theendadha pookalil thenillai“) and the way Chitra sings “Narambugal pinna pinna nadukkamenna“.

The choreography during the flute piece in the first interlude and during the line “Suda chuda nanaindhadhenna” makes me wonder. Did ARR compose with the visuals in mind or did they choreograph so well?

During the second interlude, ARR builds the pace with the flute and takes it up to a crescendo. When the heroine faints, the suspense element is brought out again – tum-tum-tum alone. Strings that melt your heart, when she awakens and cries after realizing what happened. It ends with the flute chiding her and saying all is well, to us.

Vairamuthu must be applauded for the excellent lyrics. 

Paniyinil kuliththa paal malar kaana…

Irupadhu vasanthangal…vizhi valarthen…

Pasiththavan amudham…parugida thaane…

Padhinezhu vasanthangal…idhazh valarthen…


For a singer, this song is a challenge in terms of reaching the high notes, bringing out the feel, trying to emulate the nuances in the simple brihas, and also keeping the voice soft and pleasant. Like a breeze before rain.

Cool Breeze. Gently flowing stream. Tender flowers. Thoda thoda malarndhadhenna.



5 thoughts on “Thoda Thoda… & A Cover

  1. DrunkenmonkG

    Well written and well sung too. This song brings severe nostalgia based trippage for me. Those Independence days in the late 90s when this film was a regular in TV channels… lazing with parents and watching. Those are lovely memories now 🙂 And what a song this is! That tum-tum-tum beat never plays on the same three pads more than once. The beats that repeat thrice every cycle are all over the place every time (earphones necessary to appreciate fully), much like the hearts of the young couple which would be beating all over the place in their first date alone and especially when they share their first kiss, it becomes prominent. What a beautiful way to increase the tension by just having the beats all over the place. And coming to think of it, the beats resemble heart beats no? 🙂 Genius touch I say!

  2. kmvivek

    I remember watching in an interview with SPB sir where he was extolling Rahman sir’s genius in "Thoda thoda" song for it was not flute but Rahman sir whistling.


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