A Summer Day


This post was selected by blogadda as one of the Spicy Saturday Picks

(A post by Deepi)

The summer heat was wearing me down. It was a lazy day, the air was still. Having nothing much to do, I stretched out on the floor of my bedroom and plugged in my earphones. Perhaps my iPod which was on shuffle mode sensed it was a hot afternoon, it played some really amazing music to lift my mood.

Starting off with the lovely Sax Lullaby from Duet. The calling of the birds and the sound of splashing waves gives you the ideal beach setting. Softly a woman hums and then the saxophone makes a grand and strong statement. You just let the music wash over you and before you know it the pleasant voices of Sujatha and Unni Menon pour into your ears with the light and refreshing Poraale Ponnu Thayi.

And we then move on to the more recent Call Me Dil from Jhootha Hi Sahi. A pleasant guitar and a soft voice is all you need.Then the cheery Nazrein Milana finds it’s way on my playlist.

By this time, I can almost feel a light breeze or maybe it’s just the effect the music is having on me. This lovely voice speaks of wishes. Small wishes. Yes, the song that began this whole journey – Chinna Chinna Aasai. Shauk Hai, about which Viju has spoken here, Theendai from En Swaasa Kaatre, continue to entertain me. 

I find myself groping for words to describe all these songs. It seems like the perfect summer playlist. 


All those lovely songs, melodic and soft and creating an atmosphere of calm. So I’m just going to leave you with this playlist. Close your eyes and lose yourself.


Do leave your thoughts :-)

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