Of Longing

(Post by guest author @_deepi)

The mirage in my lonely desert. I approach to quench my thirst. But wilt thou disappear before I find thee?

I let the words just wash over me, as I lay listening in the silence of night. As Jessie pleads forgiveness in the lilting voice of Shreya Ghoshal’s, one’s heart cannot help but melt in the beauty of the lyrics scripted by Thamarai.


I confess I am not so much of a maniac when it comes to music but this is one song that has had me hooked ever since I first listened to it. Two years on, I find I am still addicted to it. I’m quite sure that I will never grow tired of Mannipaaya, the product of my favourite composer and favourite lyricist.

The song, to me, depicts the emotional turmoil of a girl madly in love. She perishes without this love. Nor can she survive with it.What is one to do? Her love is boundless but her affection itself is bound by societal norms. So she weeps and implores forgiveness from the man of her dreams.

“Oru naal sirithen, maru naal veruthen, unnai naan kolaamal kondru pudhaithene, mannipaaya?”


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