A near-perfect ARR trip

A post for ARR’s 46th birthday. Here’s wishing him a very very Happy Birthday and a long healthy life ahead!

(Select the text at the end of the line to see the translations for the Tamil/Hindi words)

As one wakes up to the Manjal Velicham(yellow sunshine)
looking forward to the Vellai Pookkal, (white flowers)
with lots of Chinna Chinna Aasai for the day, (small and simple wishes)
and with a Shauk to realize the meaning of (in the pursuit of)
Endrendrum Punnagai through the day, (everlasting smile)
into the night with the beautiful Vennila  (white moon)
asking her if she’d Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya. (will you cross the skies for the me)

With kalagalavena pozhiyum megham soon (clouds that shower rain)
covering her up,
it sure seems to be a Khaamosh Raat with the tiny raindrops (silent night)
just enough to ensure Sattena Nanaindhadhu Nenjam (make one’s heart moist)
and pause its beating for a second as in Ay Hairathey,
when you dream of someone you could be a
Ragasiya Snehidhan to, and (secret friend)
with the thought that Kahin To Hogi Woh. (there’s that someone somewhere)

A few Jaage Hain in search of the (stay up the night)
Putham Putham Bhoomi (a new world)
covered with the petals of the Maargazhi Poo (Maargazhi flower)
and some Pudhu Vellai Mazhai. (new white rain/snow)
And a few others go to sleep,
resting in peace for that night. (RIP)


Deepi’s sketch for ARR’s birthday. Thank you @_deepi



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