Reliving the 90s: Rukkumani Rukkumani

This is a blogpost on a song that I thought I’d actually grown out of, but that wasn’t the case.

Doordarshan Bangalore in the early 90s had a compilation of songs Chitraranjane with a collection of songs from Tamil, Telugu or Malayalam every Tuesday. This would feature two songs from the recent releases followed by a set of older songs. In 1992, it was Roja with Kadhal Rojave and Chinna Chinna Aasai played most often. This was the time, my dad hadn’t got the Roja cassette yet, and I had no idea about the other songs in the movie. Rukkumani Rukkumani – a song with (mostly) older women dancing, is what I called the song when I saw it the first time.

Leave aside the geniuses of SPB and Chitra in rendering this song, this song had a wonderful interlude with just the drums and other percussion based instruments. Am not too sure if it was Sivamani who played the drums for this, but surely the few instances where the predominant use of percussion instruments created a good feel to the song, with a similar instance seen in Veerapandi Kottaiyile (Thiruda Thiruda)

And not to mention about the video (shot in Hogenakkal I suppose), which in itself was an #EPIC #WIN šŸ™‚



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