Reliving the 90s – Kya Kare Ya Na Kare (Rangeela)

It was 1995 and I was on a visit to Chennai (then Madras, which had just finished hosting the SAF games and was all decked up), as usual for a wedding in the family. My dad’s cousin whose name I don’t recall now, played music from the cassette which read ‘A.R.Rahman’s First Original Hindi Music.’ Leave aside the classy Hai Rama, and the then favorite Rangeela Re, a song that captured my attention was the track which had a carefree Udit Narayan singing ‘Kya KareYa Na Kare.’ One of Udit’s most casual songs ever, especially towards the second charanam, had the female chorus crooning in a very South Indian style, probably seen in Chinnamma Chilakamma (Meenaxi) next. The violin gem in the interlude at the end of the second interlude is an absolute gem. And the picturization, Aamir Khan made the song even more casual with his dance and expressions.

Kya ‘Care’ Ya Na ‘Care’, I don’t care, but I love this song 🙂



2 thoughts on “Reliving the 90s – Kya Kare Ya Na Kare (Rangeela)

  1. gradwolf

    Yep, that interlude gem you mentioned? I was just looking for it. That’s what makes the song! And also the lyrics.


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