VTV – Music from ‘Across the Skies’, truly!

Its been a year since the music of VTV got released, and this is one soundtrack I cannot get over, yet!

What more can be said about this soundtrack, that caught on almost instantly, with both the die-hard ARR fans and the other music lovers. As a song in the movie goes, Hosanna, ‘praise the lord,’ and A.R.Rahman for making a comeback in Tamil with this sound track. I’ve never had a harder time trying to pick a favorite song from a soundtrack, as much as I did with VTV.

Omana Penne wonderfully rendered by Benny Dayal, has some wonderful nadaswarams playing all while in the song, and has a beautiful train journey depicted in the video, with Kalyani Menon chipping in for a portion of the song really well. And the modulation that Benny Dayal did, in the interlude, before the first charanam, is a testimony to Rahman’s utilization of a singer’s talent to the fullest extent.

The popular favorite Hosanna has a breezy beginning with a lovely ‘En Idhayam Udaithaay Norungave’ and Suzanne’s humming. Vijayprakash, a versatile singer, finally got his due in Tamil music with this song.

Mannipaaya, a Shreya Ghoshal number along with ARR, has some lines from Thirukkural in the interlude, and showcases the yearning of the character Jessie (female lead) really well. The lyrics play an important role in this song, and I will describe Jessie as a rose: beautiful, yet prickly! A thought on this nature of Jessie is well rendered by Naresh Iyer in the track Kannukkul Kannai, which has violins predominantly featured in the background of this number. This unplugged version of this song by Naresh Iyer is an amusing watch.

The title track by Karthik is a delight to hear, and shows an honest craving in the voice, and in the music. It sets up a mood for the proceedings in the movie, and showed once again, that effective music is not about the use of loud instruments or bombastic tunes, but about soulful music!

We’ve had individual posts on the peppy wedding number Anbil Avan (my personal favorite) and the immensely likeable Malayalam blue Aaromale by @krtgrphr (who also happened to get me the CD of this too. Thanks K!).

Overall a movie and a soundtrack that I will cherish, for the realism, the soulfulness, and the earnestness put in by the entire team including Gautam Menon (director), Thamarai (the lyricist) and Rahman, himself! One also hopes the sabbatical taken by Rahman this year (2011) helps him compose more albums like VTV.

A link to the songs on MusicIndiaOnline


2 thoughts on “VTV – Music from ‘Across the Skies’, truly!

  1. Shaviswa

    >>>>>Vijayprakash, a versatile singer, finally got his due in Tamil music with this song. Excuse me!! He has already sung brilliant songs in Tamil earlier – most notably for Illayaraja in Naan Kadavul.

  2. Anonymous

    @Shaviswa – Point noted. I just meant, he gained popularity thanks to this song. He did have a beautiful song in Anbe Sivam itself (Poo Vasam – one of the versions) way back in early 2003.


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