2010: The Year in Music ??? Part 1

 This year saw quite a few releases by A.R.Rahman in Tamil and Hindi (three each), and a release each in Telugu and English. It was also probably a comeback of sorts for Rahman in Tamil, with the classy and the popular Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya, after having no release in 2009 (his last outing being Sakkarakatti in 2008). A.R.Rahman also had a couple of compositions for the Commonwealth games (CWG) in Delhi and the World Tamil Conference in Coimbatore.

A brief thought on each of the albums from both contributors follows: 

Komaram Puli (Telugu)

Viju (V): Not too much of an expectation from a cop movie in Telugu directed by S.J.Suryah, and starring Pawan Kalyan. My picks from the album will be Amma Thale, with some wonderful rendition by Swetha Mohan (almost a Theekuruvi-type of tongue twister), and the peppy Maham Maye crooned by Javed Ali (who tries to sound like Shankar Mahadevan) and Suchitra (of Radio Mirchi and now Hello FM fame). The other songs didn’t seem to strike a chord, one reason that many other soundtracks eclipsed this one, and my inability to interpret the language being another reason.

Aishwarya (A): I’ve only listened to Amma Thale on Viju’s recommendation.  

Endhiran (Tamil) 

V: A Rajini-based story, oops a robot-based story, with some situational songs, which didn’t seem very pleasant on the ears in the first listen, or the second listen or more. A big fan of Arima Arima for the musical grandeur and Kadhal Anukkal for the wonderful beginning (and then went nowhere in the charanam). A special mention for SPB’s modulation in Pudhiya Manidha, and for the peppiness in Kilimanjaro. Overall, this soundtrack failed to please me musically, though the picturization was able to compensate for this lapse to a certain extent.

[PS: Kilimanjaro is a song that grew on me to such an extent that I ended up loving it when I made up mind to hate it!]

A: Except for Irumbile oru idhayam, none of the songs managed to catch my attention. Javed Ali’s atrocious pronunciation and Chinmayi’s annoying voice makes me stay away from Kilimanjaro. Kadhal Anukkal has its moments while Irumbile oru idhayam is just extremely catchy. I started listening to the latter only after watching the movie. Hariharan is excellent in Arima Arima. Pudhiya Manidha and Robo da are strictly average, and Chitti Dance Showcase, although foot-tapping, sounds rehashed. All the songs sounded great on screen, but it is not an album I listen to at home. Quite disappointing.

Jhootha Hi Sahi (Hindi)

V: The next offering by Abbas Tyrewala (of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na) has some immensely likable songs, and more importantly, a few of them were instantly catchy. Do Nishaaniyan is probably my favorite Sonu Nigaam track after Do Kadam in Meenaxi, and this song’s beginning does bear some similarity to the Mannipaaya Tune from VTV. Maiya Yashoda, Call Me Dil, Cry Cry, and Hello Hello were all good in their right and had a good feel to them. My pick of the album is ‘I Have Waiting for the Moonlight’ which was spectacularly rendered by Vijay Yesudas. And this jazzy number is one song that I croon sitting by the lake here. Read a post on this song by Aishu.

A: JHS impressed me pretty quickly. The songs don’t seem forced like Endhiran’s. Hello Hello had me all excited when I saw Karthik’s name next to it. It doesn’t have a great tune but works because of the singer. Javed Ali, surprising, sounds very good in Maiya Yashoda. If I go back to the song, it’s only for his singing. Do Nishaaniyaan is vintage Rahman. I was hooked to it for a long time! Rahman goes back to melody and chooses Sonu Nigam for it. Perfect! Cry Cry, with its sax and guitars, is fun to listen to. Call Me Dil is a breezy song, but I wish someone other than Rashid Ali had sung it. Overall, Jhootha Hi Sahi is easy on the ears and is an album you can chill out to.  


CWG Anthem and Semmozhi Anthem

V: While the CWG theme song was not particularly a popular one and was criticized for the most part (I haven’t heard the song), the Semmozhi Anthem was a collective effort for 50-60 singers whose Tamil heritage will not be discussed here. I felt that the Semmozhi anthem had a good feel, and a reasonably decent video supporting it, though the choice of singers (almost every singer except SPB, Chitra, Unni Krishnan was in it) could have been a bit more specific rather than having the entire industry in there.


To be continued with thoughts on Raavanan, Raavan, 127 Hours and VinnaiThaandi Varuvaaya covered in Part 2.





7 thoughts on “2010: The Year in Music ??? Part 1

  1. Swaroop

    Waiting to see what you guys have to tell about anbil avan and hosanna.@V- They avoided SPB because he is a gult and other ones being mallu.

  2. Aajay

    Good idea of posting all his movies in 2010 at one go.Waiting more eagerly for part 2 since I thought there was no Rahman brilliance in any of the movies in part 1.Great work guys.Cheers.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks, Aajay. Part 2 will be posted soon. I am sure Part 2 will have a few of his best songs from 2010, since we will be covering Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya, 127 Hours and Raavanan (and Raavan) in that. I did like most songs in Jhootha Hi Sahi, which according to me a better album in the latter half of the year.


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