Anbil Avan – Wedding Chords

Unquestionably for many Rahmaniacs, the A.R.Rahman musical of the year 2010 was Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya (VTV). VTV as such is a classy album, and we will definitely have posts about other songs from the album soon. If there is a song that I would definitely play during my wedding (if given a chance), it is going to be Anbil Avan from Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya (VTV).

A thumping number with some real good orchestration including the church choir/organs, nadaswaram/shehnai, thavil, and most importantly the subtle mridangam component interspersed all through the song, which gives a wonderful feel of a wedding and the celebrations associated with it. A feel good energetic composition that I could  listen to almost everyday and will definitely end up feeling rejuvenated.

I just wonder thinking about  the amount of effort and creativity that went into composing this song, giving it a techno flavor, while retaining the traditional nadaswaram and other instruments. Apart from Devan’s and Chinmayi’s enthusiastic rendition, Thamarai’s lyrics lift up the spirit of the song too. With some wonderful lines like, ‘Nee Vaanavillaga, Aval Vannam Ezhaaga, Andha Vaanam Veedaga, Maraadho’ (You (the guy) being a rainbow, and she being the seven colors, will the sky not turn into a residence/home?), Thamarai scores with simple yet effective lyrics.

Thank you, A.R.Rahman, Chinmayi, Devan and Gautam Menon for this great track, and this track is sure to find a place amongst my top 10 favorite songs of all time.

And I can keep looking at Trisha in the saree in the video of this song (see picture).


Here’s a link to an wonderful instrumental version of this song by Raj Krishnamoorthy (a fellow Twitter buddy), and a link to the video of this song.


2 thoughts on “Anbil Avan – Wedding Chords

  1. Harini Sridhar

    Good post viju! Agree with you comments, but I liked this song the least in the album – ofcourz thats just in comparison with the other songs, not standalone.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks, Harini. My favorites keep oscillating between Mannipaaya and the Title track, but as such a perennial favorite is Anbil Avan.


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