Satrangi re – Colours of a woman.

      Dil se is an album in which each and every song is a gem. But my pick of the album has always been Satrangi re. It is difficult to dissect a song that’s as complex as this, but I will give it a try anyway.

      Running close to 7 minutes and 30 seconds, it is an extremely intoxicating song, which is one of Sonu Nigam’s best songs. He reaches all the high pitches without any fuss.  I’m not very fond of Kavita Krishnamurthy’s voice, but I love her background vocals in the song. It sort of adds an eerie element.

       The highlight of the song is the accordion, which is used to brilliant effect, to create the addictive hook throughout the track.  My favourite part of the song is from (3.16) to (3.43), where several instruments come into play. Also, the guitar and flute usage in the song are awesome.

      A rather unconventional video, which I didn’t appreciate when I first watched it some years back. Cinematographer Santosh Sivan shows us some beautiful landscapes – barren lands, lakes, mountains, snow. Interesting choreography too. And finally, the song wouldn’t have reached such heights without Gulzar’s amazing, intense lyrics. 

     Satrangi re remains one of Rahman’s most haunting songs.


      I just observed that this is the third consecutive Mani Ratnam-movie song we’re writing about. Not intentional!


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