Dripping with Chitra’s honey-laced vocals and Vairamuthu’s lyrics that describe longing so wonderfully, Kannalane from Bombay is one of my favourite melodies by Rahman. The video does complete justice to the song, doesn’t it. Manisha Koirala in the white ghagra, lip syncing almost perfectly to the lyrics, constantly looking at or looking for Arvind Swamy, and he never taking his eyes off her. Also, that scene where his sister warns him by wagging her finger. Hehe.

How did Rahman come up with that aalap? Brilliant. It adds another dimension to the song. Also, the chorus – I love how they enter again at 3.33. However, what I love most about the track is the single guitar that’s strummed on and off in the background. Listen to the last one minute.  

I wish I could write more about the singer, but really, what can I say? She’s our Chinna Kuyil Chitra.

I’d pick Kannalane over Uyire Uyire any day.


– Aishwarya.


11 thoughts on “Kannalane

  1. EnnaipolEvan

    Apparently i tagged @aishu_s as Ipod Queen, nevertheless it had been proven by the way of scanning throughout a song.(Excellent Listener).and here the "white ghagra, lip syncing" terminologies gives a visual retreat to all who skim this post(Brilliant Viewer). ‘Looking at arvind samy’ phrases reminds me of his Lustful eyes and the entire ambiance of the culture and tradition. Also briefed about the Instrumental Guitar which would be a drug when heard eyes closed.Overall this article projected me the entire song visually on my eyes just by skimming the lines away.Well scripted the feel.Hats off.

  2. Anonymous

    EnnaipolEvan – Thank you so much for taking out the time to comment 🙂 Really appreciate it. Nithya – Yeah, i agree 😀

  3. pavithra

    While reading the critique I felt like having watched the song. The description about the song was marvelous. Every time I listen to this song, her harmonious voice drives me off from this whole world. It???s just startling.


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