Rhythm: Musical Elements of Nature

Rhythm is probably one of the few albums in Indian music, where the songs depicted the five elements of nature: sky, earth, fire, water and wind. A slightly longer post (more than 100 words) on this phenomenal soundtrack of Rhythm with excellent lyrics by Vairamuthu follows. And personally, this is one other soundtrack apart from Alaipayuthey and Kandukonden, that brought out a musical awakening in me in 2000.

Anbae Idhu (sky) is a wonderful composition predominantly with a violin usage featuring some really good tabla beats in the only charanam of the song. It draws a wonderful comparison between the mind (and probably its wavering nature) to the movement of clouds. My favorite lines from this song ‘Azhaikkum Bodhu Udhikka Mudindhaal Adharku Peyarum Nilavillai.’ If only it was choreographed and rendered with the right pronunciation by Sadhana Sargam.

Nadhiye Nadhiye (water), is a class apart in terms of excellent picturization (rain, rivers, waterfalls), rendition (one of Unni Menon’s best songs), composition, and the lyrics. For instance, the life cycle in a man’s life that involves water at every stage is depicted as, ‘Thanner Kudathil Pirakkirom, Thaneer Karaiyil Mudikkirom’ roughly translating to ‘we are born in a pot of water (womb), and we have our last rites performed by the riverside.’ The violin interludes in the entire song, and especially after the first charanam definitely deserve a special mention.

‘Kaatre En Vaasal’ (wind) is a romantic duet starting with a brilliant breeze, following which the flute usage (in the interlude and along with the lyrics in the charanams) continues to breeze through. Thaniye Thananthaniye (Earth) is a dance number, and has brilliant usage of the Sarangi (or is it the Dilruba?), and is brilliantly sung by Shankar Mahadevan. The only sore point: if only he hadn’t made an appearance in the song, with awkward dance movements. Haiyo Pathikuchu (Fire) begins with a brilliant set of forest beats, and is a lazy song, that grows on you.

A definite treasure for the Rahman fans, featuring the rhythmic influence of the elements of nature! One of those lyrically and musically rich soundtracks that are not made often!




5 thoughts on “Rhythm: Musical Elements of Nature

  1. EnnaipolEvan

    Viju seems to be a Hard Core ARR fan.. That doesn’t stop him.. Here’s a dedicated blog for the legend(awesome initiative).Well Drawn: Those skeptical lyrics quoted here will never fade out from hearts and it personifies the cuteness of the language(tamil). And one of the wonder how would be Sadhana sargam Pronouncing ‘Zha’ (???) that too particular lyrics contains too many. Because only who’s mother tongue is tamil can able to pronounce tat.Viju also seemingly translated few words here wud be an extra accredition. Almost covered entire subtles of the film and even admired while reading as if RYTHYM just got released and was scanning its review.Good Punch.Good Piece of Work.Expecting loa (lots of Arr’s)

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you, Ennaipol Evan. The lyrics as you said will never fade out from the heart, and the comment on the ‘zh’ pronunciation is valid. A native Tamil speaker at itmes doesn’t get it right. I hope to have regular posts, and thank you once again for the kind words πŸ™‚

  3. anandhame

    Rythm movie has a big part in my life. It marked the end of my school days & beginning of college days. The album released during 2000 summer we (once) school kids were enjoying & eagerly awaiting our first day of college lives. Then we entered into college & guess what the first movie we watched in theatre as college hunks was Rythm. Though that time we didn’t have the maturity to understand the movie, we dismissed it as a waste movie. Then I joined my first cmpany post college in Mumbai & happened to watch the movie again to correlate the fact that the movie’s premise also in Mumbai.The songs are always one of the best of ARR. Nadhiye song not only explains the stage of a water but relates it to the stage’s woman’s life. Best lyrics, best music & best picturisation (except the bathing mallu ladies!!!)


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