Rahmania: A New Beginning

??? –>A. R. Rahman’s music has been a constant factor in my life, especially after Alaipayuthey-Kandukonden (2000) marked a new musical beginning in my life. Lonely days and nights in the US were spent listening to his music, and so were the days when I had the stressful projects/research deadlines. And with some wonderful music in the recent past with Jodhaa-Akbar, Delhi-6 and Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya still playing in a loop on my iPod, along with his musical best in the 1990s (which personally in my opinion had a superior output from A. R. Rahman), with Duet, Gentleman, Tajmahal, Taal etc, am sure everyone has at least one ARR song in their list of all-time favorite songs.

Just beginning to write here, to have an A. R. Rahman exclusive blog. Hopefully I get to post on this often. I am hoping to do a short 100 word daily update about a particular album or a song by the Mozart of Madras.



6 thoughts on “Rahmania: A New Beginning

  1. Suhaas

    A blog on AR Rahman and his music? Cool! Very eager to read more and more posts from the Rahmania Contributors. Keep up the spirit guys! @Viju: Glad that you have taken this initiative.

  2. Dhanasekar SDot

    That was a wonderful tribute to AR Rahman, I am big devotee of ARR and I don’t have big knowledge in music just a admirer of good music. Looking for more interesting blogs All the best-Dhanasekar SPS<— The below part need not to be published—>Not to provide illegal mp3youtube download links in such a wonderful blog dedicated to ARR, instead provide with legal online listening links if available

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you, Dhansekhar. We hope to keep up our spirit too, and write interesting blogs. Thank you for your kind words.As you said, we will not provide with illegal MP3 links for sure, it is either a Raaga.com link or a YouTube link. But in any case, all rights are with A.R.Rahman πŸ™‚ Thanks.

  4. Abhinav R

    A very good interpretation of the Mozart of Madras and his extensive body of work.I would also extremely like to thank all of you,for keeping up this particular site for the reviews of the movies and scores composed by A R R.Kudos,god bless!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Thank you for your kind words Abhinav. We hope to have more posts henceforth. Hope you come back to read them πŸ™‚


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